Proceeds of Crime (Confiscation & Asset Recovery)

Our expertise and vast experience of handling cases involving Confiscation, Restraint, Freezing Orders, Asset Recovery and other related criminal matters, means we are often the first choice in this complicated and detailed area of the Criminal Law.

We have completed many cases with clients accused of benefiting from criminal conduct and understand the importance and potentially devastating consequences of adverse findings in this area of law.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 alongside the Drug Trafficking Act 1994, the Drug Trafficking Offences Act, and the Criminal Justice Act 1988 changed the legal landscape of Confiscation and Asset Recovery. We are skilled at navigating this often complex, and frequently nuanced, area of the law.

Working with professional parties including solicitors, authorities, corporations, third parties and regulatory bodies, we offer excellent advice and advocacy in confiscation and forfeiture matters. Our clients are supported right from the beginning of their case, trusting us to provide clear advice and powerful advocacy.