Murder & Manslaughter

We are renowned for our skill, expertise, experience and approachability in cases of murder and manslaughter, which has led to a reputation that stretches far beyond the East Midlands.

Our Queen’s Counsel and several senior Juniors are regularly instructed to appear in a wide range of cases from the so-called “one punch manslaughter” through to the most complicated and diverse of homicide cases.

We routinely handle homicide cases that attract a high public profile, are reported both locally and nationally and often appear in the law reports.

Our experience and expertise also includes both defending and prosecuting homicides that are among the less commonly encountered cases that have included;

Contract killings, historic unsolved murders, multiple domestic murders, infanticide (including the baby-shaking cases);

Multi-handed gangland killings and cases involving minors whether as victim or defendant and cases where novel, unusual and highly challenging points of law or evidence arise.