Year of Call
Victoria is a highly experienced advocate, prosecuting and defending allegations of rape, sexual assault, serious violence, drugs cases and fatal driving cases.

CPS Level 4 Prosecutor

Member of the RASSO CPS Advocate Panel


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Victoria is highly experienced in prosecuting and defending allegations of rape, sexual assault, serious violence, drugs cases and fatal driving cases.

She is particularly experienced in matters involving vulnerable people, including young children and those requiring an intermediary.

Victoria is a highly effective jury advocate and is known for her ability to deal with sensitive issues.

She qualified as a solicitor in 1999, obtained her Higher Rights of Audience in 2004 and was called to the Bar in 2009.

Significant Cases
R V J (Prosecution)

Historic sexual offences which concerned two family members , committed 14 years apart and included multiple counts of rape . Convicted after trial and received 25 years imprisonment with extended 1 year sentence.

R V N (Prosecution)

The defendant lacerated his partner’s throat, narrowly missing a main artery which required extensive surgical treatment.

R V B (Prosecution)

Several persons were attacked by the defendant with a machete resulting in serious injury which included severance of a thumb.

R V K (Defence)

Historic Sexual Offences including Rape .

R V E (Prosecution)

S18 and False Imprisonment on his former partner. Found dangerous . Sentence of 13years imprisonment with an extended licence of 2 years was imposed.

R V W (Prosecution)

Historic sexual offences involving multiple complainants, spanning many years . Life imprisonment with a tariff of 24 years and a minimum sentence of 12 years Imprisonment.

R V L (Defence)

Serious Sexual Offences which included Taking Indecent Images of Children in respect of three young complainants

R V H (Prosecution )

Rape and serious violence on former partner. Found dangerous . 18years imprisonment with an extended sentence of 6 years.

R V D (Prosecution)

Serious Sexual offences on a very young complainant . The defendant was represented by Queens Counsel.

R V CW (Prosecution)

S18 Wounding. Complainant sustained a wound which narrowly avoided the heart and therefore death.

R V T (Defence)

Rape and Serious Sexual Offences. The complainant was an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s who resided in an assisted care living facility where the defendant was also a resident.

R V Patel (Prosecution )

Arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered . The defendant set fire to a rival company and caused in excess of £100k of damage,

R V Robinson (Prosecution)

Employer stole in excess of £300K from a waste disposal company. The accounting systems were unique to that industry and a detailed forensic analysis of the accounting returns filed with HMRC was required.

Derby City Council v Machin (Prosecution )

Reduced Mileage and false service history of vehicles were generated, prior to the vehicles being sold. The case was featured on a consumer watchdog TV Programme.