Year of Call
King's Counsel
Bencher (Gray's Inn)
Door Tenant
A Shropshire lad, born and bred with significant expertise in cases of serious fraud, proceeds of crime, homicide, serious sex and violence and police law.

Lobbenberg KC

High Pavement Chambers

A Shropshire lad born and bred, nevertheless Nick brings his highly valued and sought after skills to Nottingham and the East Midlands.

In particular NIc has expertise in the following areas of criminal practice:

Serious Fraud

Experience in dealing with bogus investments, dishonest companies, consumer fraud, worldwide movement of monies, solicitors and accountants professional conduct, administration and liquidation offences

Proceeds of Crime

Restraint, confiscation and enforcement. Expertise in international work.


Prosecute and defend murder and manslaughter.


Serious sexual and violence crime.

Police Law

Use of lethal force by state agents, deaths in custody, fatal accidents, all aspects of regulation from informers to overtime and K5 pension appeals.

Personal interests

Fine wine, decent cook, former rugby player, worldwide traveller & obscure history.

Police Law
Re Officer S, 2021 police misconduct

Serious sexual allegations. Application of article 8

Re C 2021

K5 pension appeal for ex officer convicted as historic paedophile.

Re Nuno Cardoso Inquest 2019.

Death on police contact. Drug intoxication.

Re Aston Williams Inquest 2019

Death on police contact use of force

Re Officer J. 2019

Police misconduct hearing relating to serious sexual misconduct, application of Article 8.

Re Duncan Tomlin Inquest 2019

Death on police contact, positional asphyxia and drug intoxication.

Re Julian Cole 2018

Police misconduct arising out of student rendered paraplegic upon arrest.

October 2017

Police gross misconduct relating to IPCC investigation into death of Aston William's. All charges dismissed after 5 day hearing. P accused of wrongful use of PAS contributing to death. Case streamed by local BBC.

Other cases

Complex police law cases including the GMP discipline of fatal shooting of officer during training exercise. Senior officers charged with offences of honesty and integrity. IPCC investigations into failures in rape and murder investigations, featuring on Radio 4 Today programme and subsequently on Panorama. Deaths in custody and fatal shootings Training Provided to Police Federation, the FSA, and Trading Standards.

Murder & Manslaughter
R v Greggs 2019.

Cold case murder with no body

R v Tabraz 2019

Cold case murder. Honour killing

R v H and others , Nottingham Crown Court, January 2018

Acted for defendant accused of murder, blackmail and kidnap.

Operation Monochord

Killing with no witness. Blood spatter reconstruction.

Operation Delaware

Beheading, autistic defendant.

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery
R v Brecanni 2021 Court of Appeal

Leading case on evidence in Modern slavery defence

Reported [2021] EWCA Crim 731

Rape & Serious Sexual Offences
R v G, Cardiff Crown Court, 2018

Acted for defendant, allegations involving campaign of familial rape and torture.

R v N Cardiff Crown Court August - September 2017

Trial of man accused of multiple counts of rape and sexual assaults. 10 complainants historic allegations from 1980s.

R v Choudrey

Historic Familial abuse, campaign of rape.

R v M

Historic abuse at Catholic children home in 1960-74.

Fraud & Complex Fraud
AL Saif Motors v C and W 2017

Defence of directors prosecuted by Sheikh for fraud on Saudi based companies.

R v Pye and Others 2014

17 Large scale fraud on consumers.

Operation Troy 2012-2014

International Advance Fee Fraud

4 Trials 2012-14 £6.5 million loss

Reported as R v Rogers and Others [2014] EWCA Crim 1680

Subject of ITV show.

Operation Affair 2006-2015

An SFO prosecution relating to boiler room frauds.

Large scale confiscation proceedings with 8 trials.

Operation Maxwell

Drug related stabbing.

Operation Dynasty

Cut throat defence.

R v Kayani

Conspiracy to rob.

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Nick Lobbenberg QC

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