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Luc Chignell

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Luc has appeared as the instructed advocate, as well as covering counsel, in various types of Crown Court hearings; including sentences, appeals against conviction/sentence, PTPHs, legal applications and confiscation proceedings– for both the Prosecution and Defence. 

He has prosecuted more than 50 ‘CPS lists’ in various Magistrates Courts and Youth Courts across the East Midlands, each involving multiple trials for a range of offences involving violence, dishonesty, fraud, offensive weapons and road traffic matters.

He has also successfully defended a number of Magistrates Court trials and is adept at making pleas-in-mitigation, as well as arguing exceptional hardship and special reasons.

Luc is happy to provide timely advice on legal and evidential issues and is keen to engage with clients on early preparation and case planning, where desired. 

Membership– Criminal Bar Association- Grays Inn 

Education– University of Nottingham/University of Texas (2012-16) – LLB Law with American Law, 2:1 with Merit in American Law

While studying abroad, Luc completed an internship with the Texas Advocacy Project, which supports victims of domestic and family abuse.

Nottingham Law School (2016-17) – Bar Professional Training Course, Very Competent

Notable work

R v R (Leicester Magistrates Court) 2019 – Prosecuted a domestic violence trial involving an unsupportive complainant, who was summonsed to court and later treated as hostile while giving evidence.  

R v B (Lincoln Crown Court) 2019 – Prosecuted an appeal against conviction by an appellant convicted of public order and violent offences against a police officer, committed in the course of a protest. A submission of no case to answer was made at halftime, which was successfully opposed following legal argument. 

R v J (Leicester Youth Court) 2019 – Prosecuted a youth defendant for 2 offences of knife violence against young victims. All witnesses had special measures, including ABE interview evidence and cross-examination was completed in accordance with the Advocates Gateweay. 

R v S (Leicester Crown Court) 2019 – Prosecuted a case involving a defendant committed for sentence following multiple SHPO breaches, which were later tied in with other sexual offences to ensure a proper disposal before the Crown Court. 

R v V (Loughborough Magistrates Court) 2019 – Defended in an ABH trial following an alleged assault in a nightclub. The magistrates considered the offence fell plainly into Category 1 on the Sentencing Guidelines, but retained jurisdiction after trial and did not commit for sentence.

Interests outside of Chambers: Baseball, cricket, country music, theatre