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James Thomas

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Consistently instructed as leading counsel in serious and complex multi-defendant organised crime casework for the NCA, EMSOU and specialist crime units since 2005.

Jim has over 30 years experience in criminal justice investigation and representation and qualified from Nottingham Bar school in 1999 with the following awards:

  • 1st placed advocate.
  • 1st placed student.
  • Middle Temple JJ Powell prize.

Jim’s strength is leading a team. He is an approved advocate at the highest grade (4) on the CPS Organised Crime and Proceeds of Crime panels and has been commended by Crown Court Judges for the preparation and presentation of multi-defendant drug trafficking prosecutions.

Jim is regularly instructed to prosecute and defend in a wide range of serious and complex casework including as counsel alone in prosecutions for murder, manslaughter, modern slavery, human trafficking, rape, organised crime group offending, causing death by driving and serious physical and sexual assaults on adults and children.

Advice work is frequently undertaken on instruction from the East Midlands Complex Case unit for offences of gross negligent manslaughter.

Jim has specialist knowledge in the regulatory field of police discipline and is instructed to represent police officers charged before the Crown Court and police disciplinary proceedings.

A keen sportsman, Jim has transferred this interest to his professional arena, conducting work for professionals in sport. Jim has previously undertaken work for British Ski and Snowboard and chaired a selection appeal panel for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games.

Notable cases:

Operation Brevity (current) – Attempted Murder and possession of firearms – The prosecution of 5 defendants for the shooting of a complainant in his own home.

Operation Victory (Current) – conspiracy to supply class A drugs and firearms – prosecution of 10 defendants for the East Midlands Complex Case Unit.

R v S – Murder – Instructed as counsel alone to prosecute the defendant for the alleged murder of her partner. The defendant was convicted of manslaughter for the unlawful death inflicted with the use of her car.

R v T – Murder – instructed as counsel alone to prosecute the defendant for the murder of his father killed in his own home.

R v P – prosecution of the defendant accused of gross negligent manslaughter following the death of her chronically ill husband.

R v B – Manslaughter – prosecution of the defendant for death caused in a road rage incident.

R v B and 3 others– Modern slavery and Human Trafficking – the prosecution of 4 defendants bringing a male from Poland and putting him to work in circumstances amounting to modern slavery.

Operation Duchess – conspiracies to import synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists (SCRA – Mamba) and conspiracies to supply SCRA’s, Class A heroin and cocaine. The operation, the first SCRA operation prosecuted in the East Midlands, concerned the prosecution of over 80 defendants involved individually and as part of several different conspiracy groups.

R v O and H – Rape, strangulation with intent to rape, threats to kill and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

R v K and K – S18 GBH on twin 12 month old children by parents. The prosecution involved 9 expert medial witnesses addressing repeated and serious injuries inflicted over a number of months on the children.

R v S – Attempting to possess hand grenades with intent to endanger life. Instructed by CPS organised crime division to prosecute for the NCA and involving US FBI witness evidence. The defendant attempted to purchase grenades over the Dark net using Bitcoins. Sentenced to life imprisonment after trial.

Other cases

R v F – Manslaughter – the prosecution of a 15 year old for the unprovoked single punch death of an adult male stranger.

R v B –Breach of Iran control order – representing a defendant accused of exporting nuclear testing equipment to Iran capable of use in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

R v C and others – prosecution of defendants for the false imprisonment and s18 GBH torture of the victim.

R v H – representing defendant accused of nationwide country house burglaries where valuable antiques were stolen.

R v C and others – Prosecution of multiple defendants for conspiracies to commit armed robberies and high value vehicle thefts for export to South Africa.

R v S and others – £10million heroin importation conspiracy, prosecution of multiple defendants.