Year of Call
Gary has a busy Crown Court practice consisting of sex, drugs, fraud and violence. His meticulous preparation combined with his direct approach and vast jury trial experience make him a highly effective advocate.

CPS Level 4 Prosecutor

Member of the RASSO CPS Advocate Panel


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Gary commenced his career in London where he practiced for 6 years specialising in defence before moving to the Midlands in 2002. He continues to primarily defend although he is an experienced grade 4 prosecutor and a member of the RASSO panel. He has a busy Crown Court practice consisting of sex, drugs, fraud and violence. He has a very direct approach, is meticulous in his preparation and has vast jury trial experience. His lay clients range from children, vulnerable adults and professionals to members of Organised Crime Groups.

Other Interests

Spending time with his family, following West Ham United and walking his dogs.

Current Cases
R v Robert Ridley & Others (2020)

Nottingham Crown: defending one of three company directors in a £950,000.00 false invoice fraud conspiracy.

R v Ciaran Irvine & Others, Operation Argo (2020)

Worcester Crown Court: defending a teenager on a firearms indictment involving a police pursuit during which a handgun was fired at officers.

R v Ian Diamond & Others (2020)

Leicester Crown Court: defending conspiracy to supply class A and conspiracy to require another to perform forced or compulsory labour.

R v Bradley Costello (2020)

Warwick Crown Court: defending causing death by carless driving when under the influence of cannabis and cocaine.

R v Grant Hakim (2020)

Leicester Crown Court: defending double section 18 GBH.

R v Kristian Jackson (2020)

Leicester Crown Court: defending rape of a 15 yr old.

R v Kyle Sutton & Others, Operation Lebanon (2020)

Lincoln Crown Court: defending one of 11 defendants in a County Lines multi kilo class A drug dealing conspiracy.

R v Tom Whittle & another (2020)

Leicester Crown Court: defending conspiracy to commit robbery.

Notable Cases
R v Dylan West (2020)

Leicester Crown Court: defending a teenager charged with murder led by Michael Auty QC. Convicted of Manslaughter.

R v Stephen Rice & Others (2020)

Leicester Crown Court: defending a company accountant in a £1,000,00.00 fraudulent trading conspiracy. Close scrutiny of a vast amount unused material resulted in a guilty plea on a narrow basis and a suspended sentence.

R v Kevin Barker (2019)

Leicester Crown Court: defending historic sexual abuse allegations from multiple complainants. Acquitted after trial.

R v David Lane (2019)

Leicester Crown Court: defending child familial sex allegation. Complainant did not give an account so prosecution was based upon eye witness testimony. Acquitted after trial.

R v Liam Waldron (2019)

Leicester Crown court: defending allegations of drug debt enforcement by robbing the debtor, his partner and children in their home at night. Acquitted after trial.

R v JD (2019)

Leicester Crown Court: defending fraudulent overtime claims committed in capacity as Special Police Constable and fraudulent expense claims committed in capacity Prison Officer.

R v Kirsty Sylvester (2019)

Leicester Crown Court: defending single parent who assisted her partner evade capture for a lengthy period of time having escaped from prison.

R v Rishi Karir & Others, Operation Beagle (2018)

Leicester Crown Crown: defending principle member of an OCG in a multi kilo County lines class A dealing conspiracy.

R v Callum Taylor & Others, Operation Argent (2018)

Leicester Crown Court : defending transfer of firearms & ammunition between OCG’s.

Worcester Crown Court : defending conspiracy to supply class A drugs into HMP Hewell and HMP Brockill by drone.

R v Peter Bunyan (2018)

Leicester Crown Court : defending alone Murder. Numerous experts involved for defence and prosecution eventually leading to crown accepting a plea to Manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

R v Mark Underwood (2017)

Leicester Crown Court: defending Cash in Transit robbery. Case involved complex issues of phone attribution and cell site analysis.

R v Kevin Warren (2017)

Leicester Crown Court: defending modern day slavery and rape.