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Fergus is a leading barrister in serious crime. He is an outstanding jury advocate; juries love him.

Inner Temple

Criminal Bar Association


Amnesty International

CPS Grade: Level 3


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Fergus has successfully represented defendants across the entire spectrum of criminal offences including: murder, attempted murder; serious violent and sexual offences; drugs conspiracies; firearms, possession and supply of; modern slavery; child cruelty; fraud; money laundering; confiscation. He has substantial experience in road traffic cases where deaths occur and in multi-handed cases across all categories.

He has represented people before Employment Tribunals; Mental Health Review Tribunals; the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal.

He has substantial experience of representing young people and those with mental illness. He approaches cases in a strategic and innovative manner. He is very passionate about all of his cases and works extremely hard to get the best results for his clients.

Fergus has given lectures on the Criminal Justice System at Durham University as part of an International Program for overseas Judges.


Hull University Law LLB Hons

Sheffield University MA in Biotechnological Law & Ethics. Top Distinction.

Other Interests

Outside the law he loves motorcycles, DJ'ing and travelling.

Notable Cases
R v A (2020) Nottingham Crown Court

Represented one of the defendant's on a count of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life. The defendant was found not guilty.

R v L (2019) Blackfriars Crown Court

Modern Slavery. Led Junior representing the main defendant in this 8 handed complex case of forced and compulsory labour.

R v S (2019) – Southwark Crown Court – Child Cruelty

An unusual and very involved case in which the key to winning was found in a series of messages between father and son.

R v M (2019) Liverpool Crown Court – Historical Sexual Offences

A very sensitive case in which the Judge commended Fergus for his professionalism and tenacity in a very sensitive and difficult trial. The jury were unable to reach verdicts.

R v T (2019) Bristol Crown Court – Section 18 (serious stabbing)

Thought by the prosecution to be a case where there was overwhelming evidence. Highly skillful cross-examination and a brilliant closing speech by Fergus meant the defendant was found not guilty on all counts.

R v BO (2018) Inner London Crown Court – Historical Sexual Offences

Represented the second defendant in this highly sensitive and complex case alleging serious sexual offences over a 25 year period.

R v HA (2018) – Snaresbrook Crown Court - Attempted Murder

Case concerned a daylight shooting on a well known street in East London. A case where the evidence was said to be overwhelming. Issues of identification and cell site evidence. Defendant found not guilty on all counts.

R v T (2018) Blackfriars Crown Court - Conspiracy to Defraud

Leading Counsel for the main defendant in a conspiracy to defraud regarding the driving test system. Substantial material to consider including banking material and computer evidence.

R v G (2018) Newcastle Crown Court - Deaths by Dangerous Driving

An extremely sensitive case where two persons were killed and a number of people injured. The prosecution accepted pleas to causing death by careless driving. The defendant avoided prison.

R v S (2018) Snaresbrook Crown Court – Conspiracy to Supply a Firearm

Represented the main defendant in relation to the supply of an MP5 sub machine-gun. On Appeal, the Court of Appeal agreed that the Judge misdirected the jury on a point of principle.

R v B (2018) Winchester Crown Court - County lines supply of Class A drugs

Represented the main defendant. Substantial telephone evidence.

R v JO (2018) Harrow Crown Court – Rape

Represented the same defendant in two trials. Defendant found not guilty.

R v ST (2018) Cornwall Crown Court – Multi-handed Armed Robbery

Staged for the purposes of an insurance claim. Represented the main defendant. Defendant found not guilty.

R v KS (2018) Blackfriars Crown Court – Multi-handed Kidnapping and False imprisonment

Represented the main defendant. Defendant found not guilty of kidnapping and false imprisonment.

R v H (2018) Central Criminal Court – Multi-handed Conspiracy to Supply Firearms

Represented the main defendant. Substantial telephone and cell site evidence. Although convicted, the defendant received a lenient sentence.

R v T (2018) Inner London Crown Court Money Laundering

Defendant found not guilty.

R v AA (2018) Blackfriars Crown Court – Multi-handed Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

Represented the main defendant.

R v T (2017) Snaresbrook Crown Court - Fraud

Case concerned a serious fraud of the defendant’s employer of over £1.2 million as well as other counts of perverting the course of justice during the court proceedings. Substantial and complex issues of law and fact.

R v JC (2017) Warwick Crown Court - Attempted Murder

Case concerned the shooting close to Memorial Park Coventry. Defendant found not guilty.

R v P (2017) Ipswich Crown Court - Large scale, multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

Represented the main defendant in this county lines case.

R v AL (2017) Harrow Crown Court

Large scale drugs and firearms conspiracy involving a number defendants. Represented one of the defendants in the supply of a firearm.

R v IM (2017) Lincoln Crown Court Case - Rape

Fergus argued for disclosure of the contents of the complainant’s phones, the contents of which was instrumental in leading to the acquittal of the defendant.

R v O (2017) Lincoln Crown Court - Death by Dangerous Driving

Prosecution withdrew the death by dangerous driving count after Fergus cross-examined the eye witnesses.

R v M Southwark Crown Court. High profile case about the blackmail of the Emir of Qatar

A plea of mercy was successful which meant the defendant was not sent to prison.

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