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Door Tenant
David has an excellent reputation, particularly in front of the jury. He has been involved in some of the most serious, high profile, and complex cases in the Midlands over the past decade.

Member of Inner Temple.

CPS Grade: Level 4 CPS Panel Advocate

CPS Specialist Panel: Rape and serious sexual offences


High Pavement Chambers

David has an excellent reputation, particularly in front of the jury. He has been involved in some of the most serious, high profile, and complex cases in the Midlands over the past decade. He works Nationally and has conducted trials across the UK. He specialises in jury trials involving fatality, the most serious and sensitive sexual allegations, organised crime and firearm work, as well as large conspiracy cases involving particular complexities and expert evidence. Clients know they’re in safe hands.


University of Nottingham 2003 – LLB(Hons)

BVC Nottingham 2004

Other Interests

David's interests include; film, politics, economics, finance, fitness, good food, Middlesbrough Football Club and travel.

Murder & Manslaughter
R v Roberts (2023) (Defence)

Sole advocate. Durham Crown Court. This Defendant attempted to murder a fellow inmate in HMP Frankland by trying to cut off his head. The prisoner Victim remarkably survived. The Defendant faced other indictments of section 18 upon another inmate and the attempted section 18 of a prison officer.

Dangerous offender admits attempted murder of fellow Frankland inmate | The Northern Echo

R v ** (2023) (Prosecution)

Sole advocate. Trial. Derby Crown Court. This 16 year old Defendant threw a single punched at an elderly man at a bus stop. The punch killed him. Ongoing.

Teen killed man, 82, after shopping centre telling off, court hears - BBC News

R v Alex Layton - Operation Amble (2021) (Defence)

Led by Bryan Cox QC. Road rage murder. Trial. Teesside Crown Court. A road rage incident turned fatal when the Defendant opened the Deceased’s car door and stabbed him to death.

James Stokoe murder trial: Alexander Layton 'reached for knife in self-defence' - BBC News

R v Jordan Murray and others- Operation Rorschach (2020) (Defence)

Led by Michael Auty QC. Trial. Represented lead Defendant. Alleged attempted OCG murder by firearm. Shots through a living room window at night almost killing homeowner. Same group later arranged the drive by shooting at Das Kino night club, Nottingham.

R v Jaydon Roberts Barton (2017) (Defence)

Led by Peter Joyce QC. Nottingham. Robbery, torture and murder of a man in his home. The trial was tried by Mr Justice Jay.

Five men jailed for 100 years in Tony Fisher murder case - Nottinghamshire Live (

R v Maylor (2014) (Defence)

Led by Malcolm Swift QC. Sheffield Crown Court. Alleged Murder of a serving prisoner by two other prisoners at HMP Lindholme, tried by Mr Justice Goose.

Two found not guilty of prison murder | Calendar - ITV News

R v Kuzmarsksis and Zaremba (2010) (Prosecution)

Led by Greg Dickinson QC. Leicester. Two handed manslaughter of a young Lithuanian man, tried by Mr Justice Butterfield.

Organised Crime
R v Wheelhouse – Operation Promont (2023) (Defence)

Sole advocate. Nottingham. Trial. Represented the lead Defendant in a conspiracy to manufacture firearms. Defending the lead armourer and workman on the guns. Police raided his home and found a firearm workshop. The group imported blank firing pistols, removed the safety pins and made other alterations which activated them. The prohibited weapons were then sold Nationally. ‘Cut throat defence’ with co-Defendant represented by Silk.

Watch hair-raising moment police officer armed with massive machine gun busts weapons factory gang | Daily Mail Online

R v Harris – Operation Jewelstone (2021) (Defence)

Sole advocate. Nottingham. Trial. Conspiracy to use firearms with intent to endanger life and causing grievous bodily harm. The case involved two OCG Defendants who accosted two rival criminals in the back of a car, where they were both kneecapped with handguns. Represented the Defendant accused of giving refuge immediately after to the two Principles.

The faces of those behind 'merciless' double shooting on streets of Nottingham - Nottinghamshire Live (

R v Unwin – Operation Encyclic (2020) (Defence)

Sole advocate. Nottingham. Trial. Represented one of the lead Defendants in a conspiracy to supply firearms and class A drugs Nationally.

Jury discharged in weapons and drug conspiracy trial - Nottinghamshire Live (

R v Burgess – (2019) (Defence)

Sole advocate. Nottingham. Trial. Conspiracy to use firearm with intent to endanger life and class A drug supply. Defendants drove into Radford, Nottingham, where they discharged a shotgun as part of a gangland turf war.

Four locked up after gunshot fired in Hyson Green - Nottinghamshire Live (

R v Madir, Amir & Gulzar (2017) (Prosecution)

Sole advocate. Leicester. Trial. Three handed armed robbery of a small Leicester jewellers.

Axe-wielding robbers raid jewellery shop - only to be rumbled by Sat Nav they left in car with their address on - Mirror Online

R v Alyas (2015) (as before save for saying SA & trial etc)

Sole advocate. Nottingham. Trial.

Rape & Serious Sexual Offences
R v Radford (2023) (Defence)

Trial. A man alleged to have raped his best friend after a night’s drinking together in Hucknall.

R v Shum (2023) (Defence)

Trial. A student accused of choking his former partner unconscious and raping her in halls of residence at the University of Nottingham.

R v Linley (2022) (Defence)

Trial. A stepfather allegedly raped his stepdaughter from the age of 8. Between the ages of 8-20 he assaulted her and subjected her to child cruelty. She fell pregnant to him and was forced to keep the paternal identity secret. She escaped the home aged 20.

R v Wooles (2022) (Defence)

Trial. The Defendant was accused of sexually assaulting and raping 3 Victims. Two historic allegations on family members in the 1970’s. The third Victim a 15 year old girl sexually assaulted recently.

R v Urbanski (2022) (Prosecution)

Trial. A man followed a woman home after she left a taxi following a birthday night out. He raped her in her own home.

R v Gregg (2022) (Prosecution)

Trial. A man raped his partner regularly as she slept and filmed the ordeals.

R v Batog (2021) (Prosecution)

A man raped his wife and beat her. He tried to cut off her thumb and filmed the rape.

R v Hugel (2021) (Prosecution)

A man attempted to rape a woman as she lay unconscious through drink at 4am on a Lincolnshire street.

Man spotted by witness attempting to rape woman in Lincolnshire street - Lincolnshire Live

R v Chamberlain (2019) (Defence)

Trial. Defending a man accused of the historic rape of a child as well as sexual offences upon two

R v M.S. (2018) (Defence)

Trial in which the Defendant was accused of rape and sexual assault upon three girls in his family.

R v Rabani (2018) (Prosecution)

Trial. Sexual abuse of a boy by his Imam in a Sneinton Mosque some 25 years earlier.

R v G.R. (2018) (Defence)

Trial. Defendant alleged to have raped his own daughter throughout her childhood.

R v G.C (2016) (Defence)

Sexual assaults upon several girl’s in the Defendant’s family. Trial. The youngest victim cross examined was 4 years old.

R v P.C. (2016) (Defence)

A trial in which the Defendant was accused of raping his own daughters. One of them gave birth to his child.

R v W (2016) (Defence)

Trial. The Defendant was tried for sexual assault upon his granddaughter.

R v Mahmoud (2015) (Defence)

In this trial a Defendant was accused of raping a woman on a Derby cycle track in 2001 after a DNA hit led to his arrest.

R v Suddons (2013) (Prosecution)

Trial. The Defendant received a second life sentence after attempting, whilst on day release from prison, to rape a woman in a Grantham park who had been out walking her dog.

Rapist Nicky Suddons is given SECOND life sentence | Daily Mail Online

R v H.M (2012) (Defence)

Trial. Defence of a 16 year old boy for a series of serious sexual assaults.

R v Kahsai – Operation Haiti (2020-2023) (Defence)

Two Defendants accused of supply class A drugs to a young man in town. Trial. The deal descended into an argument whereupon the co-Defendant punched and killed another young man (not involved in the supply whatsoever). Co-Defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter and drug supply. David represented Mr Kahsai for offering to supply.

R v Holbrook – Operation Affinity (2023) (Defence)

Conspiracy to supply class A drugs case. Kilos of heroin. Multi million pounds. National. Ongoing.

R v Chapman (2023) (Defence)

Class A supply network in South Derbyshire.

R v McGrory – Operation Forktail (2021) (Defence)

Represented this woman at jury trial and before the Court of Appeal. Accused of being part of a sophisticated class A drug dealing network in Nottingham. Her sentenced was reduced in the Higher Court.

Last three members of Nottingham 'party drugs' gang sentenced - BBC News

R v Parnaby – Operation Lipinski (2019) (Defence)

Sophisticated class A drug supply across the East Midlands.

R v Bullivant – Operation Umpire (2018) (Defence)

Trial. Class A supply across the East Midlands.

Road Traffic Fatalities
R v Haslam (2023) (Defence)

The Defendant was driving his partner and best friend on a Derbyshire road when he lost control and crashed into a wall. Tragically, his friend was killed and his partner very seriously injured.

The Attorney General and Prosecution team appealed the sentence. The Solicitor General appeared in person to argue for an increase in sentence but the Court of Appeal refused to interfere.

Young Heanor man was speeding when he killed best friend in crash - Derbyshire Live (

R v Stokes (2021) (Defence)

This young woman lost control of her car at speed on a County Durham road. Her 3 year old daughter and cousin were tragically killed. Several others were very seriously injured in the incident. An attempt by the Prosecution to increase the sentence was unsuccessful.

Bid to increase jail sentence of mum who caused daughter and cousin's deaths in crash rejected - Chronicle Live

R v Caraleaunu (2019) (Defence)

Forest Park and Ride death: Crash car 'used as a weapon' - BBC News

Trial. Led by Martin Heslop QC. Represented the Defendant who ran over a man on Forest Fields using his car. Initially tried for murder by Mr Justice Jeremy Baker and a jury, part way into the trial the Prosecution were persuaded to accept the plea of ‘death by dangerous driving’.

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