Year of Call
Andy acts as prosecuting counsel across a range of disciplines. He has defended in cases of Homicide, high level drug trafficking and Fraud. Primarily, his practise focusses on the prosecution of multi-handed cases, often as leading counsel.

Inn: Inner Temple

Accredited pupil supervisor


Criminal Bar Association.

CPS General Panel: Level 4

CPS Specialist Panels: Organised Crime & Proceeds of Crime


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Andy acts as prosecuting counsel across a range of disciplines. He has defended in cases of Homicide, high level drug trafficking and Fraud. Primarily, his practise focusses on the prosecution of multi-handed cases, often as leading counsel.

He has been involved in many high profile, multi-handed trials on the Circuit over the last 20 years. Cases involving cross-border drug trafficking, complex Fraud, Money Laundering and illegal gangmaster activity.

He acts in cases involving serious violence and death by driving.

He has specialist expertise relating to:

Cell-site and other telecoms-related evidence

The prosecution of layered money laundering activity, confiscation applications and POCA enforcement.

Other Interests

Away from work, Andy runs a bit. He represented Great Britain at the 2015 World Masters Athletics Championships in Lyon, winning a silver medal. He has represented Wales on the track, the road and over the country.

Murder & Manslaughter
R v J

Junior alone. Prosecuting murder/ manslaughter

R v M

Junior alone. Prosecuting attempted murder.

Fraud & Complex Fraud
Operation Gain

Leading junior. Prosecuting. 7 defendants. £1.5M originally stolen by a firm of solicitors was laundered using layered transfers through personal and company bank accounts.

Operation Foam

Leading junior. Prosecuting. 7 defendants. Sham companies and foreign exchange houses used to transfer £12M from the UK to China. The jury schedules detailed over 900 transactions.

Operation Bacillary

Junior alone. Prosecuting. Copyright and consequent Fraud offences resulting from the defendant’s hosting of internet streaming services. The servers provided discounted, pirated access to protected Premier League and Sky Sports content. Confiscation proceedings included the repatriation of assets held in foreign bank accounts.

R v G

Junior alone. Prosecuting. 3 defendants. In excess of £1M stolen over many years from her employer, by an in-house accountant. Stolen funds laundered and spent through bank accounts held by the thief, her husband and her son.

R v J

Junior alone. Prosecuting. Circa £2M stolen by in-house accountant.

Seized art from Northamptonshire fraud to be auctioned - BBC News

R v W

Junior alone. Prosecuting. Defendant convicted of abusing a Power of Attorney and thereby stealing over £½M from his mother. A difficult case involving multiple wills as well as issues related to the mother’s capacity.

R v T

Junior alone. Defending. Defendant was one of two professional signers accused of making repeated, fraudulent claims for work done to assist multiple deaf and mute clients to gain employment. Over £½M in false claims.

Identity Fraud and Immigration
Operation Byte

Leading junior. Prosecuting. Gangmaster offences and significant related Fraud. 6 defendants. 4 indictments. Evidence included material obtained from the Lithuanian authorities obtained to prove multiple identities related to two of the defendants.

Gangmaster couple whose business was 'built on a lie' are jailed - GLAA

Operation Gage

Leading junior. Prosecuting. Defendants convicted of Immigration Act offences, Identity Cards Act offences and multiple Frauds across two indictments. The evidence disclosed sham marriages, false passports and multiple, concurrent, false identities. Evidence obtained from Holland was utilised.

Operation Bypath

Leading junior. Conspiracies to commit armed Robbery at high-end jewellers locally and out of area. Highly organised offending involving sophisticated planning and reconnaissance.

Father and son sentenced for Northampton jewellers robbery - YouTube

Operation Quench

Leading junior. Conspiracy to Steal. Over 50 individual, professionally planned instances of theft of car parts from prestige marque vehicles parked outside the owners’ homes, at night. The attacks occurred across the country and were consolidated in a single prosecution.

Three men jailed for theft of £600k of BMW car parts - BBC News
Operation Hazelbrook No.1 and No.2

Leading junior Prosecuting. 18 defendants. Covert, test purchase investigation leading to the conviction of wholesalers, local distributors and dealers of Class A drugs.

Drug pusher mum labelled an 'utter disgrace' as five people in Skegness drug gang are locked up for years - Lincolnshire Live
Operation Alarm

Leading junior. Prosecuting. 7 defendants. Various drug-related offences including involvement in the supply chain of Class A drugs by importing and supplying 2.5 tonnes of cutting agent.

Gang jailed for smuggling £118m worth of cocaine into the UK from China | Anglia | ITV News

Operation Redrew

Leading junior. Prosecuting. 4 defendants. Offences of producing drugs, money laundering and Fraud.

R v Unwin (Operation Encyclic) (2019)

One of the largest drugs conspiracy trails in Nottingham of the last decade.

Proceeds of Crime (Confiscation & Asset Recovery)
R v B and R (as intervening 3rd party)

Leading junior. Prosecuting. A contested application to appoint a management Receiver in confiscation proceedings.

R v Reynolds, Reynolds, Farnish and Farnish (2017)

EWCA Crim 1455. Confiscation proceedings. Successful appeal of first instance decision: benefit must be calculated with reference to the offenders’ gain, not the loser’s loss.

Men jailed over Leicestershire County Council fraud scam - BBC News

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